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Wedding Dance


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    Wedding Dance Lessons

    For the First Dance and a Lifetime of Romance

    All eyes are on you as you take the floor… spinning and swaying in perfect harmony. This is a once ina lifetime moment. Your first dance as husband and wife.

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    First Dance Wedding Tips

    Let the professionals at Arthur Murray help you create the dance you envision. In our 100 years of experience, we’ve taught everything from a romantic Rumba to a traditional Waltz to a spicy Salsa. The possibilities are truly endless. What are you waiting for?

    Things to Know for Your First Dance:

    • What kind of music will you have at your wedding?
    • Do you have a band or DJ?
    • Will they play your first song?
    • What is the size of the dance floor?
    • Will you have a mother-son, father-daughter, or any bridal party dances?
    • Does your dress or veil have any limitations? (Don’t worry we won’t tell the groom!)

    Top Wedding Dances



    Characteristics: Jazzy and Sophisticated

    What you will learn: How to maneuver you and your partner easily and smoothly around the floor

    How you will use it: At Any Social Event. From Charity Events To Dinner And Dancing

    Popular Music: Harry Connick Jr, Frank Sinatra "Fever", "I heard it through the grapevine", "Mack the Knife"



    Characteristics: Elegant, Classy and Glamorous

    What you will learn: Grace and Poise, how to glide around the floor

    How you will use it: Charity Events, Weddings, Balls

    Popular Music: "Open Arms", "Painting" by Kenny Rogers, "Moon River", "Misery"



    Characteristics: Fun, Spontaneous, and Energetic

    What you will learn: Spins and turns

    How you will use it: It Is Great Exercise! Live Music Venues, Crowded Floors, Weddings, Cruises

    Popular Music: Big Bad Voodoo Daddy, Katy Perry, "Candyman", The Brian Seltzer Orchestra



    Characteristics: Spicy, Trendy, Sexy, and Inviting

    What you will learn: Spins, Tricks, Styling, Patterns

    How you will use it: Night Clubs, Social Gatherings

    Popular Music: Mark Anthony, Celia Cruz, Gran Combo

    Cha cha cha

    Cha cha cha

    Characteristics: Playful, Flirtatious

    What you will learn: Latin Styling and partner interaction

    How you will use it: In The Kitchen To Spice Up Dinner, Night Clubs, Live Music Venues, Weddings, Cruises

    Popular Music: Top 40 fast music



    Characteristics: Simple, Fun, and Charming

    What you will learn: Lots of easy patterns, turns and wraps

    How you will use it: Exercise, To Meet People, Night Clubs, Parties, Cruises

    Popular Music: "Hot, Hot, Hot"

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