Learn to Become a Social Dancer at Our Dance Studio in Tampa FL!


Too many people sit on the sidelines and watch others dance. Learning how to become a social dancer changes everything.  Whether it’s at the studio, on vacation, or a night out on the town – at Arthur Murray Tampa dance studio in Tampa FL we have the Social Dance Program which will give you the skills to use on any dance floor to any music, anywhere your heart desires.

Here are some examples of what our program at Arthur Murray Tampa offers you:

Weddings – Have fun at the reception!!! 

Cruises –  Work off those extra calories from the cruise buffet.

Nightclubs – Salsa, Swing, Tango, Bachata – if it’s playing at a club, why not dance!

Corporate Events – Have fun on the dance floor with your work friends, don’t stand by and watch!

Family Events – Dance with your Mom, Dad or in a group dance with all your family.

 Our great certified instructors will have you dancing within the first 10 minutes of your lesson. Using the official Arthur Murray teaching methods, they can make you feel comfortable so that when any dance situation arrives you are very ready!!