Competitive Dance Lessons

Ever watched “Dancing with the Stars?” Would you like to look and perform as amazing as the professional dancers? Or, maybe learn the amazing dances the stars must execute through consistent training? How about travel the world? You can! Arthur Murray Tampa Dance Centers offers competitive dance lessons. It’s not just for the pros! You can compete in any level of dance even after only a few lessons! With competitive dance lessons you’ll learn the intricate techniques and footwork that will excel your dancing to an entirely new level. You can attain elaborate styling for any dance to put that extra shine on your skills. Travel the United States, Italy, Australia-all over the world to compete! Experience meeting other dance fanatics from everywhere! Or, compete locally to hone your skills and gain experience. Whether you prefer the sassy attitude of the Tango or the elegance and grace of the Waltz, Arthur Murray Tampa Dance Centers can help you gain the skills to make yourself a “star.”

Here are a few examples of our fun-filled events:

In-Studio Events – Designed to build confidence in those aspiring to eventually show their dancing skills in public, these events are the ideal starting-off point for future involvement in a larger event, or simply working out the kinks of a desired wedding routine for an upcoming wedding reception.

District Events – Four to six times each year, Arthur Murray hosts a larger event involving more than one dance studio at a hotel or in a studio in your area. The events customarily finish with a spectacular dinner and floor show featuring professional dancers. Open to dancers at any skill level, these popular functions are a great way to see what you can aspire to, and also an excellent way to meet other dance students in your area.

Dance-O-Rama – These are the largest, most delightful exhibition events offered. Romantic, scenic locations like Las Vegas, Hawaii, Miami, and even Italy are selected. Lasting several days, these highly anticipated events invariably end up with participants going home as experienced, well-rounded, confident, remarkably improved dancers. These spectacular events are hosted by some of the most exquisite resort hotels anywhere and always include Arthur Murray teachers and students from all over the world. Comparable and likened to the glamorous dancing shows you see on TV, these exciting events feature all the dazzle and glitz you could expect or hope to find.

One of the most endearing qualities of Arthur Murray Dance Studios is our flexibility. Your personal dancing goals, desired skill set level, and even your individual learning style are considered. Whatever you want to learn, we’ll show you how to do it with grace and aplomb. Competitions and exhibitions are definitely not required for you to become an experienced, superb dancer. However, for those who want to engage their hobby to a higher level, we have excellent event options. We will work with you to design the perfect program to fit your personal goals and desires.

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