Get Out And Take Some Dance Classes Tampa!


Introductory Dance Lesson:
Our introductory lesson is designed as an introduction to the most popular social dances. This gives you the opportunity to see our studio, meet our staff, experience our system of teaching and make an educated decision about your dancing future. It also allows your teacher the opportunity to assess your dancing needs and begin personalizing a program especially for you.

Basic Foundation Program:
Our foundation program is focused on getting you up and dancing now while developing the essential elements you will need for your dancing future. Emphasis is placed on three important elements of dancing; (1) foot position, (2) rhythm and timing, and (3) leading or following, introducing enough variety to keep your learning experience interesting.

Associate Bronze Program:
Our associate bronze program will get you on your way to becoming a confident and comfortable social dancer. Focus is placed on acquiring smooth movement around the floor by expanding upon variety, technique, footwork and basic styling. This dance program is very popular for those wanting to get on the dance floor quickly.

Full Bronze Program:
Full bronze is the most complete social dance program. It is also our most popular program. It is designed to fully develop yoru dancing skills necessary in any social situation regardless of your partner, the music or size of dance floor. At the completion of this program you will look poised, confident and comfortable. You will be able to dance with grace, style and personality. After investing the time and effort it requires to achieve the Full Bronze level you will own your dancing for a lifetime of enjoyment.

Silver Program:
Silver dancers will stand out on any dance floor! This standard focuses on a high degree of styling, more eleborate patterns and continuity of movements. At this point your dancing will begin to take on an entirely new feeling, passion and charisma!

Gold Program:
Our gold programs are designed to “Dance with the Stars.” It is for those dance enthusiasts interested in performances, exhibitions or competitions. Its intricate patterns require a great knowledge in styling, technique and showmanship. This program is not designed for just any social dancing but for the enjoyment of onlookers and participators alike. It is truly the ultimate dance experience!

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